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…that many hotel comforters are rarely washed (even between guests!), creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, and other substances left behind from other travelers!

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  • Cleaning methods in hotels are designed for Bulk, not cleanliness.

    Undercover, under the covers! You would think that hotels have upgraded their cleaning methods post pandemic...but wait until you see this!

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  • Many hotels only wash upon request!

    Many hotels boast about their cleaning protocols, but that doesn't necessarily mean that every part of the bed is as thoroughly-laundered as you'd hoped. In fact, one microbiologist revealed to CNN that the duvets on hotel beds are rarely washed, if ever.

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  • They Recommend What Exactally?

    "Believe it or not, the best place to put your luggage when you’re staying in a hotel isn’t on the bed. Or on the floor. Or even shoved inside the closet on one of those luggage rack thingies. Nope; the smartest travelers know to store their suitcases in the hotel bathroom—or better yet, inside the tub."

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  • A More Expensive Hotel Room isn't Necessarily Cleaner

    In fact, a study conducted by Travelmath found that four- and five-star hotels actually packed significantly more bacteria than their three-star counterparts.

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Travel Light, Rest easy

As a family that travels often, we know how important it is to sleep well on vacation. And knowing your covers are clean like home helps...

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