Frequently Asked Questions

Will the VACACOVÉT™ help protect me from germs and other substances that might be present on hotel bedding?

Yes, the VACACOVÉT™ was created with exactly this in mind, and though no solution is 100%, you can be confident that the vacaCovét™ will help minimize your exposure to germs and/or other substances that may be present on hotel bedding.

Is the VACACOVÉT™ compact and will it fit in my suitcase?

Absolutely yes. The product is designed to fit into a small area of your bag and certainly can be included in a carry-on bag or backpack, along with other typical items.

Does the VACACOVÉT™ come in different colors?

Yes. Our most popular color combination and premium version is a Houndstooth (front) and Black (back) sheet. Our economic option, though also luxurious in feel, is our Charcoal/gray (front and back). Other color options and fabrics may be offered at a later time.

Is the VACACOVÉT™ made with premium and soft fabrics?

Yes, we choose our fabrics based on feel (and quality/washability/durability) and the vacaCovét™ should feel similar to a premium hotel bed sheet quality.

Where is the VACACOVÉT™ made?

We make the product in our manufacturing facility located in Chicago, Illinois USA!

How do I order a VACACOVÉT™?

Product orders can be conveniently placed on our website: