Meet our CEO

Meet our CEO

Charles Clark, PT, CEO

What is a Physical Therapist doing running an ecommerce company & manufacturing the vacaCovét™, a patent-pending product that addresses the issue of exposure to germs on hotel bedding??

Well, I guess I was inspired to revisit my entrepreneurial spirit and to pursue passions when I was out of work during the Covid pandemic, 2020. Clark and Covet, LLC gives us the ability to give back and to financially support some of the areas that we’re passionate about as a family, donating part of our annual profits to nonprofit organizations that are doing the good work!

I’ve worked my entire career in physical therapy, from a hospital department to private practice, to large corporate private equity backed companies, and finally to consulting. I love helping people and empowering PT’s to improve the quality of others’ lives. It’s a passion area that we love supporting, particularly when it comes to kids, special needs, and military veterans’ healthcare.

A couple years ago, via, I suddenly discovered my biological father’s name and that he was alive and well (and that I had another brother and a sister)! I’ve discovered so much since that time and it’s filled an open space in my heart, taking me and my family on a fascinating study of nature and nurture. I was adopted at birth and raised by two loving parents, but the topic of adoption was more sensitive in those days. Both sets of my parents have an amazing life story and I’m proud that I’m adopted. I hope that what I’ve learned and discovered in the process will inspire others…parents and kids.

Hear the story of discovery here:

I’m a loving husband & father, a trustworthy friend, a coach and mentor through the sports of Judo & Jiu-Jitsu, an adventure & travel enthusiast. My favorite quote is from my dad, Bill – “Life isn’t always easy but try to Be good, Do good, and make the best decisions you can with the information you have at the time… Live without regret”.

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